28.12.2010 - UNESCO Office in Kathmandu

UNESCO clubs and schools promote a culture of peace

Members from UNESCO Clubs and schools discussion on their future activities

UNESCO Kathmandu organized a two-day workshop on 29 and 30 November under the theme: “Promoting Rapprochement of Cultures for Peace in Nepal”.

The event was held in conjunction with the National Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations of Nepal. The aim was to introduce UNESCO activists from UNESCO Clubs and Schools to the International Year of Rapprochement of Culture, and to support their activity planning. 

“Only if education is infused with the values of peace, tolerance and reconciliation, it can contribute to the elimination of stereotypes and can build understanding and mutual respect for all cultures and religions,” said Axel Plathe, Head of the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu and UNESCO representative to Nepal, at the opening of the workshop. 

Representatives from UNESCO Clubs and Schools from across Nepal discussed four themes: promoting reciprocal knowledge of cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity; building a framework for commonly shared values; strengthening quality education and intercultural competences; and fostering dialogue for sustainable development. 

The workshop introduced a new concept in Nepal known as the “World Café”, which aims to facilitate dialogue about topics that advance a culture of peace. This discourse builds and links networks as people move between groups, discuss different ideas and discover new insights into the questions or issues at hand. The participants welcomed this new method that allows everyone to participate. 

“UNESCO clubs and schools are an important partner for UNESCO Kathmandu because they foster the UNESCO activists working at the grass root level. Dialogue and capacity building for these actors is an important task for UNESCO Kathmandu”, added Axel Plathe.




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