Media Development

©UNESCO/Mukunda Bogati
Journalists being trained in basic journalism and producing radio programme

UNESCO helps to strengthen the capacity of communication institutions and media professionals. In Nepal, the media has an important role in contributing to an effective state by strengthening democracy, human rights, good governance and citizen engagement. Only with well trained journalists who understand their rights and responsibilities can the Nepali media take its crucial place in strengthening democracy and disseminating information to the Nepali people.

The UNESCO Office in Kathmandu works to promote international professional standards of journalism and public service and to promote dialogue among media professionals. Action in this area includes:

  • Undertaking an assessment of Nepal’s media landscape in 2011, based on the Media Development Indicators
  • Assessing the performance of community radios
  • Assisting in the establishment of a public service broadcasting system in Nepal
  • Translating UNESCO standard setting tools into the Nepali language (e.g., “Model Curricula for journalism training” and “Media Development Indicators”)

Download the Model Curricula in English in Nepali; download the Media Development Indicators in English in Nepali

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