UNESCO is the only UN agency with a specific mandate in culture. The UNESCO Office in Kathmandu is conducting a wide variety of programs and activities aimed at supporting the government for policy enhancement and strengthening national capacity in the area of culture.

The Office’s strategy focuses on strengthening national capacity, to protect tangible and intangible heritage through effective implementation of the relevant conventions.

The April and May 2015 earthquakes had a devastating impact on cultural heritage. Out of the 743 damaged major historic sites, 133 totally collapsed, 95 partially collapsed and 515 were partly damaged. The Office played a crucial role in post-earthquake relief.

Immediately after the first earthquake, the Office jointly with the Department of Archaeology started damage assessment and emergency consolidation of sites.

UNESCO was the lead agency for the cultural heritage sector of the Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA, Vol A and B), which serves as basis for fund-raising and restoration for the next six years.

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