13.07.2017 -

Cultural entrepreneurship of Curaçao shaping its creative potential

© Richenel Ansano, NAAM

Action Plan for development of the cultural entrepreneurship in Curaçao to be elaborated by various stakeholders, recognizing economic potential of cultural industries in building capabilities and improving well-being, developing the freedom of expression and dialogue, and providing substantial economic growth and jobs.

The workshop on development of cultural entrepreneurship and creative industries of Curaçao organized by the National Commission of Curaçao for UNESCO in partnership with the National Archeological Anthropological Memory Management (NAAM) and Fundashon Museo Tula took place in Willemstad from 26 to 27 of July 2017. The workshop attended by 25 participants representing various governmental and non-governmental agencies involved in safeguarding of traditional culture and development of cultural industries. Mr. Yuri Peshkov, UNESCO Cluster Office for the Caribbean, assisted conduction of the workshop and presented related UNESCO cooperation platforms.

Cultural entrepreneurship of Curaçao was addressed through the prism of the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. Examples of heritage as creative inspiration, marketability of cultural goods and services and success stories and cooperation platforms in the Caribbean in the field of cultural and creative industries helped to assess the governmental and community support for fostering of the grows of cultural entrepreneurship in Curaçao.

Based on presented statistical information, participants of the workshop discussed various forms, rules and regulations on small entrepreneurship in Curaçao and emphasized the cooperative enterprises as a sustainable economic alternative comprising common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations.

“It has been a very fruitful and inspiring exercise for all of us – said Marva Browne, Secretary-General of the National Commission of Curaçao for UNESCO – and we will continue our joined efforts in supporting of cultural entrepreneurship of Curaçao in its important role in sustaining prosperity of the island.”

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