A Day in the Life – catching up with the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

© UNESCO/Emilien Urbano
John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

Striking a chord with young people from all over the world, the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is now parked outside UNESCO headquarters, where it has been welcoming young women and men for the past week, and from where will be taking part in the up-coming 8th UNESCO Youth Forum. 

Founded in 1998, the John Lennon bus is a touring studio, committed to using music as a medium for peace and mutual understanding by bringing broadcasting expertise to young people for free.  Equipped with the most modern technology for recording and producing, (all of it donated by sponsors, it must be added) the Lennon Bus crew, three dynamic musicians and technicians, welcomes young people on board and helps them to write, perform and produce original songs. They can even shoot their own music videos, using the highest quality kit to produce fantastic results, and all within one day! 

The bus parked outside UNESCO has toured throughout Europe and has a brother bus in the United States, which equally has travelled the continent, including Mexico and Canada.  Without doubt, some serious talent passes through its doors – one young girl, who had played an instrument for the first time ever whilst on the bus,  went on to front line in a music festival a few years later – but the crew all emphasise that this is not in fact what the bus is about. What is important is that the young women and men on board learn to express themselves, to communicate their feelings, to interact with others through the music. And this is where the John Lennon Bus becomes a real instrument for peace.

The John Lennon Educational Bus

Their presence at the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum highlights this mission, with all Forum participants being invited to visit the bus and be filmed in a 10 second video expressing their ‘Wishes for the World’. This will be put together by the crew on one interactive site, reflecting the goals and dreams of youth participants from across the globe.

As bus founder and director, Brian Rothschild, points out, “the Youth Forum is by definition a unique opportunity for young people from around the world to come together and stand for peace. Our project, ‘10 seconds 4 peace’ will provide all attendees with the opportunity to share their wishes and best ideas for peace in a video format.”   This innovative approach to youth issues has certainly hit the right notes with the young people who take part! We are looking forward to their contribution to the UNESCO Youth Forum, bringing young women and men together and encouraging social harmony one chord at a time. 

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