Reform of field offices in sub-Saharan Africa now operational

© UNESCO/Vida Habash
Séminaire de renforcement des capacités des Commissions nationales africaines, Bujumbura, Burundi, octobre 2012

Paris, 26 March - Five multisectoral regional Offices - Dakar for West Africa (Sahel), Abuja for West Africa, Nairobi for East Africa, Harare for Southern Africa and Yaoundé for Central Africa - and 11 national offices, now make up UNESCO’s network of field offices in sub-Saharan Africa.

Improved coordination and continuation of UNESCO’s strategic action, and more rapid and appropriate responses to country needs is at the heart of UNESCO’s Field Office reform in sub-Saharan Africa. The Network in this region is now made up of: multisectoral regional offices, covering all of UNESCO’s domains of expertise; national offices, which strengthen UNESCO’s support for national development priorities; desks, established in countries where UNESCO has no office, to contribute to common programming projects; and project antennas, established in countries under the authority and coverage of the multisectoral regional offices as out-posted administrative units, without any representational function.



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