Young people gathered at UNESCO to discuss ways of promoting human rights in the world

At UNESCO Headquarters on 6 March, 800 youth aged 18 to 35 participated in the event "Education, sport and cultural diversity - New attitudes to promote human rights in the world". The event was organized by the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee, forty NGOs and the UNESCO Secretariat.

Nine projects developed by and for young people were presented by their leaders from 5 continents, covering diverse issues such as racism and sport, access and management of drinking water, fighting violence, learning in the mother tongue, and training women to demand their rights in a spirit of fairness and equality. The day was marked by the presence of highly anticipated Andrea Agnelli, President of Juventus Football Club, who presented his project implemented with the UNESCO Centre of Turin: "Kick racism out of football: Play with me".

During this festive event, the audience was able to discover another dimension of youth engagement and deepened their willingness to be active in their community. It has certainly given some participants the desire to promote human rights on a daily basis in their town, their school, their university or through an association.

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