High Panel on Peace and Dialogue among Cultures

The High Panel on Peace and Dialogue among Cultures took place at UNESCO Headquarters on the 19th November. The theme of the debate was “Building Peace: UNESCO’s role in the next decade” – with special emphasis on engaging youth in building sustainable peace and societies.

During several hours of intensive debate, the High Panel participants exchanged on how to reach out to youth, involve youth, and make them a part of the search for responses to contemporary challenges. Young people today have grown up in a world characterized by flux and uncertainly, creating feelings of “disjointedness”. In this context, a growing number of young people are interested in resolving global issues and they willingly display and share their creative views, innovative agendas and dreams for the future. Their aspirations to civic engagement and economic empowerment must be taken seriously and new spaces of dialogue opened up for young people to become social agents and change-makers in their own right.  

A summary of the High Panel’s debates and recommendations will be made available to UNESCO’s Member States and the UNESCO community at large.