Salzburger Lungau & Kärntner Nockberge (Austria)

Salzburger Lungau & Kärntner Nockberge, Austria, is a representative example of inner-alpine landscapes with high mountains and deep valleys.  It is a richly structured landscape ranging from 600 m to 3000m above sea level and encompasses typical ecosystems  of the Central Alps such as mountain meadows and mires with  great biodiversity. The site covers an area spread over two provinces. The Kärntner Nockberge part is a whole national park covering149 000 ha. Apart from hunting and gathering, early farming techniques including meadows for fodder, trade and mining have been important ways for earning a living in the region.  The permanent population is 33,350, of which 21,000 live in small towns. More than 50% of the jobs are found in construction industry, public health sector and commercial goods industries (cosmetics, luxury food, wood, rubber, plastics).  In the side valleys, service sectors including tourism are the most important job providers.

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