Mura Drava Danube (Croatia/Hungary)

The biosphere reserve includes Central Europe’s largest floodplain system, as well as areas that were part of the floodplain before river regulation. The areas along the course of both the Danube and the Drava form a continuous stretch of habitats extending across the state border. The Mura River also has a variety of typical plant and animal communities. It contains a variety of wet habitats, including those that are among the most threatened in Europe (alluvial forests, wet grasslands, gravel and sand bars, oxbow lakes, abandoned riverbed…).  One of the major functions of the biosphere reserve is to provide a possibility for the revival and modernization of floodplain management, which would ensure an extra source of living for local people, and help preserve the natural values of the floodplain region. Major activities in the area are agriculture, forest management, sand and gravel extraction, industry (diverse types), and ecotourism.  

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