Bashkirskiyi Ural (Russian Federation)

Bashkirskiyi Ural, Russian Federation, is located in the western slopes on southern Ural, for a total surface area of 345 700 ha.  It is of very rich diversity, with a high variety of landscapes from gorges of mountain rivers, mountains steppes, meadows, floodplains to reservoirs.  There are more than 1650 plant species, of which 44 are endemic and a list of over 2000 animal species.  The interpenetration of flora and fauna from Europe and Siberia make it uniquely rich.  The site contains five different protected areas, including national parks and forestry districts.  There are unique archaeological sites linked to culture and history of the Bashkir people as well as the cult cave of “Shulgan Tash” preserved since the Stone age.  The total population resident is 14 957 with main activities being forestry and small scale farming and traditional bee keeping with the tourism increasing in importance (180, 000 visitors from May to September).

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