East Vättern Scarp landscape (Sweden)

East Vättern Scarp landscape, Sweden, is the second Sweden’s largest cold water lake, the fifth largest lake in Europe,  with a total surface of 105 520 ha.  Almost 40,000 people live in the area.  The majority of the biosphere reserve is dominated by agriculture and forestry lands, with villages and settlements consisting of small farms and individual homes.  There are also several large scale farms and manors, as well as three urban areas. The core areas consist of existing nature reserves and forest habitat protection areas and shorelines protected areas. Thanks to the involvement of the private sector, support to social entrepreneurship for sustainable use of meadows, grasslands, energy through demonstration areas, this area can be considered as a pilot model.  Adaptation and mitigation to climate change is one key objective of this biosphere reserve, with many research and activities described. 

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