Gorges du Gardon biosphere reserve (France)

Gorges du Gardon biosphere reserve (France) is located in the Gard department in Southern France and covers a total area of 45,501 hectares. It includes the cities of Uzes and Nimes, as well as the Pont du Gard, a World Heritage site inscribed in 1985. The site area is a typical Mediterranean landscape, with scrubland, green oaks, the Gardon River and cliffs, and contains endangered and protected species such as Egyptian vultures, Bonelli’s eagle and the Woodcock orchid. This area is known for its rich cultural, architectural and historical heritage. The main human activities are agriculture, tourism (450,000 visitors per year) and services.  The main agricultural activities include wine production and olive oil, as well as Tuber melanosporum (truffles), herbal plants and aromatics.