The Ledro Alps and Judicaria biosphere reserve (Italy)

The Ledro Alps and Judicaria biosphere reserve (Italy) is located in the Trento region in northern Italy, between the Dolomite World Heritage Site and Lake Garda, with a total surface area of 47,427 hectares. The site is representative of the southern slopes of the central-eastern Alps, comprising different non-polluted habitats (Alpine meadows, forest, grasslands, moorlands) as well as traditional crops. Its strategic location contributes to its rich biodiversity and the creation of a corridor running north−south across the Alps, ensuring a territorial continuity between protected areas from the Po valley to the northern Alps. It is also a high valued tourist destination, with tourism representing an important source of income for the local population. Agriculture is the main economic activity in the Reserve, focusing on viticulture, olive, fruit and vegetable growing, as well as animal husbandry.