Photo gallery : 2017 International Women's Day

The Deputy Director-General of UNESCO, Getachew Engida, opening the 2017 edition of the exhibition for International Women’s Day showcasing artwork from photographers, painters and sculptors from around the world, set the tone of the day when he remarked that “throughout human history, women have used their creativity in their quest for equality, justice and dignity” and that the exhibition was a further representation of that tradition. Based on the theme “creativity of young women in shaping our future”, the 11 artists whose work was displayed are not only renowned in their region and internationally, but have also been commended for their work relating to gender equality and social justice.

Art Exhibition

The Division for Gender Equality of UNESCO, in collaboration with the Permanent Delegations, organized an art exhibition for International Women’s Day. Focused on the theme of the creativity of young women in shaping our future, this exhibition gathers creative expressions from all over the world.

Artists: • Ms. Valérie Nagant (Belgium), photographer • Ms. Despina Flessa (Greece), designer• Ms. Jamala Rahmanli (Azerbaijan), painter• Ms. Ewa Rossano (Poland), sculptor• Ms. Hulda Guzmán (Dominican Republic), painter• Ms. Carmen Moncada (Honduras), painter• Ms. Evy Pineda (Honduras), painter• Mr. Han Meilin (People's Republic of China), sculptor and painter• Ms. NiaVal Ngaro (Cook Islands), sculptor• Mr. Sidibé A. Musa (Liberia), painter• Ms. Feryel Lakhdar (Tunisia), painter and plastic artist• Ms. Akila Riad (Egypt), painter• Ms Fatma Abdelrahman (Egypt),drawer

Debate: The Courage to Create: Gender Equality and the Arts

Co-organised by UNESCO and the French National Committee of UN Women, a dynamic debate gathered artists, musicians, filmmakers, cultural entrepreneurs and experts to address the challenges facing women artists, as well as to harness creativity to overcome gender stereotypes and achieve gender equality.

Concert: HeForShe

The exhibition and debate were topped off by a public concert of young French singer-songwriter Louane and self-described “feminist” male duo “Her”. Speaking before the concert, Victor Solf of Her said that without the women that they work with – particularly their manager and video-maker – they would not be so developed artistically and that it was important for men to be involved in promoting women’s equality in the arts.