Photo gallery : Director-General visits Paris Shoah Memorial

“The future cannot be built on a forgotten past,” the Director-General said during her annual visit to the Paris Shoah Memorial in the morning. “The history of the Jewish genocide is the history of the Jewish people and it is also the history of humanity as a whole.”

Evening ceremony at UNESCO for the International Day of Commemoration

Evening ceremony at UNESCO for the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust

Eric de Rotschild, President of the Paris-based Shoah Memorial, took part in the ceremony at UNESCO and warned against the rise in contemporary ethnic hatred, including new forms of anti-Semitism.

János Lázár, Minister of State at the Office of Hungary’s Prime Minister, insisted on the importance of studying the history of the Holocaust during his address at the evening ceremony and spoke of Hungary’s World War II history saying: “We also committed crimes against ourselves, with passivity and unfortunately with actions as well. On one hand, some, who were the leaders of the Hungarian state then, were personally and severely accountable for deporting Hungarian Jews and also for condemning them to death. On the other hand the Hungarian State was not able to protect its own citizens, and had not made all the efforts it could have made for that matter.”

Another Holocaust survivor who took part in the ceremony was the Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, Meir Lau, President of the Yad Vashem World Centre for Holocaust Research, Documentation, Education and Commemoration

The ceremony which closed the day of remembrance, held with the participation and support of the Ambassadors of Israel, France and Germany to UNESCO.