21.08.2019 -

I Conference of school libraries in the City of Buenos Aires

On September 9, the First Conference of School Libraries of the City of Buenos Aires: “School libraries and digital culture” will be held.

The activity is organized by UNESCO, the Ministry of Education and Innovation of the City of Buenos Aires, with the support of UNOPS. It will also have the participation of IFLA.

It is an invitation to the educational community in general, and to librarians in particular, to learn about the challenges and opportunities that school libraries face in order to become meeting places according to the society of the 21st century.

In general, school libraries provide information and ideas that are essential for people to live successfully in our information and knowledge-based society of today. The school library helps students develop lifelong learning skills, as well as their imagination, and helps them live as responsible citizens (1).

In this context, the initiative will seek to bring the conceptual vision and current global trends of educational policies with an impact on libraries, as well as identify those regional and local experiences that shed light and inspiration on the path to their transformation. During the day, different topics will be addressed, focusing on the following axes: the role of school libraries as pedagogical agents; the school library in the digital culture; the electronic book and the traditional book; and new spaces and dynamics inside the library.

The event will have the participation of prominent international speakers and spaces will be opened to share experiences of school librarians that have promoted transformation actions towards new models of libraries and / or led pedagogical activities that include the whole school, as well as make use of digital technologies in their practices.

The activity is free and open to the teaching public and librarians of the City of Buenos Aires.

(1) Excerpt from the IFLA / UNECO Guidelines for the school library

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