30.08.2019 -

together for Amazonia: GeoLAC declaration


Considering the alarming situation of widespread wildfires affecting the Amazon rainforest, the Latin America and the Caribbean Geoparks Network —GeoLAC Network—, in agreement with its principles, values and regulations, wishes to highlight clearly the next points:

  1. First, we express our deep sadness and consternation about the wildfires that are right now devastating big areas of which still is our largest and most biodiverse tropical rainforest.
  2. Second, we reaffirm our conviction that a change in the exploitation, production, and consumption paradigms is needed, since the current model of use of the resources of the Earth is abusive and unsustainable, being the main threat not only to the survival of the natural systems that regulate our planet’s climate and sustain the biological productivity, but the very existence of the mankind.
  3. Thirdly, we are committed to increase our efforts to raise awareness among the Latin American populations about the geological hazards and the environmental challenges that we are facing, under the principle that more education will contribute to modifying habits that currently conspire against the principles expressed in different international conventions and declarations, such as the “Earth Charter” promoted by the United Nations at the end of the last century.
  4. Fourth, we call for the awareness of all the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean countries, considering that without high-impact and long-term public policies, it will be difficult to reverse environmental damages, mitigate the effects of climate change, and prevent future environmental disasters.
  5. Finally, we specially want to express our deepest solidarity and empathy recognition with the Amazonian indigenous peoples, which are direct victims of the devastation that affects their lands, and who have been suffering for several centuries situations of discrimination, displacement and elimination of their ancestral cultures.

The Latin American and the Caribbean UNESCO Global Geoparks are territories committed to ethics, sustainable development, conservation of cultural and natural heritage ―including geological heritage―, and fundamentally with the active involvement of their communities.

August 22, 2019

UNESCO Global Geoparks Araripe (Brazil), Grutas del Palacio (Uruguay), Mixteca Alta (Mexico), Comarca Minera (Mexico), Imbabura (Ecuador), Kütralkura (Chile), Colca y Volcanes de Andagua ( Peru).

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