27.03.2019 - UNESCO Montevideo Office

Leaving No One Behind, a slogan that brings us together


In the framework of the celebration of World Water Day (22th March), the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) of UNESCO for Latin America organized the presentation of the United Nations World Water Development Report 2019: "Leaving no one behind" convening a large audience at the Conference Room of the MERCOSUR Building, Montevideo, Uruguay. On that occasion, Mr. Milton Machado, President of State Sanitary Works (OSE); Mr. Daniel Greif, National Director of Water and Mr. Miguel Doria, UNESCO Regional Hydrologist.

“Improvements in water resources management and access to water supply and sanitation services are essential to addressing various social and economic inequities, such that ‘no one is left behind’ when it comes to enjoying the multiple benefits and opportunities that water provides” states the World Water Development Report titled "Leaving no one behind".

Addressing to a broad audience of water professionals, journalists and members of civil society, Mr. Miguel Doria, Regional Hydrologist for Latin America and the Caribbean, presented the general figures of the report that show that there have been advances during the implementation phase of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on water supply and sanitation services. By 2015, 181 countries had achieved a coverage of more than 75% with at least basic drinking water services, and the world population that used at least basic potable water services increased from 81 to 89% between 2000 and 2015. However, approximately three out of ten people (2.1 billion people, 29% of the world's population) did not have access to safe water services in 2015, and 844 million people still lacked basic potable water services.

Additionally, based on the global data presented in the Report, Mr. Milton Machado, President of OSE, conducted an analysis on access to water and sanitation services in Uruguay, emphasizing on the different policies developed by OSE to address vulnerable populations, facilitate access to drinking water and universalize services with social inclusion, highlighting that these aspects are priorities for the company.

Finally, Mr. Daniel Greif, National Director of Water, Ministry of Housing, Territorial Planning and Environment, presented the progress of the National Water Plan, highlighting the implementation of environmental flow and the installation of monitoring systems for quality and amount of water.

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