12.09.2019 - UNESCO Montevideo Office

MOOC "The seven knowledge and the 2030 Agenda"

UNESCO General Director, Mme. Audray Azoulay; Edgar Morin; Academic coordinator MOOC, Luis Carrizo

The MOOC on “The seven knowledge and the 2030 Agenda: contributions of complex thinking to the SDGs”, which will be launched in early 2020 by the UNESCO Regional Office of Science for Latin America and the Caribbean, within the framework of the agreement signed with the Promigas Foundation of Colombia, is being design.

This open and free course can be taken through the MiriadaX Platform, of Telefónica Educación Digital.

Recently, the recording of the contributions of the thinker Edgar Morin, author of the original work on which the Course is based: "The seven necessary knowledge for education of the future”, were made in the studies of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. 

On the occasion, Edgar Morin was received by the General Director of UNESCO, Mme. Audray Azoulay, and accompanied by the MOOC Academic Coordinator, Luis Carrizo, of the UNESCO Office in Montevideo.


Learn more: www.7saberes.org


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