03.09.2019 - UNESCO Montevideo Office

Online training course in the Field of Fighting Against Illicit Traffic on Cultural Property 2019 in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay starts

This is the second edition of the UNESCO - RIAEJ Joint Training Program "Illicit Traffic on Cultural Property" of online training in fighting against illicit trafficking on cultural property, aimed at judicial operators, judges and lawyers in the three countries.

Today September 3, starts the online course in which 60 participants designated by the National Committees against the Illicit Traffic in Cultural Property of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay will be trained. It will take place on the Virtual Campus of the Ibero-American Network of Judicial Schools - RIAEJ, within the framework of a cooperation agreement signed with UNESCO Montevideo to strengthen the capacities for the implementation of the “Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property” (1970).

The pedagogical proposal pursues the joint development of a platform for information, promotion and training of normative instruments for fighting against the illicit trafficking on cultural property, especially from the 1970 UNESCO Convention and the 1995 UNIDROIT Convention. Launched in 2018 with its first edition, this course aims to develop competencies in judicial operators for the protection of cultural heritage, the fight against illicit trafficking on cultural property and its restitution.

The virtual course takes 40 hours in total and is divided into 4 modules that cover international legislation, national legislation, the use of practical tools and the role of Police and Customs Services in fighting against illicit trafficking on cultural property. During the 50 days, the participants will have access to the platform with videos, presentations and reading materials, exchange forums and practical works that will allow them to put into practice the contents discussed in each module.

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