18.09.2020 - Culture Sector

Safeguarding Underwater Cultural Heritage: Perspectives from India and beyond

On the occasion of the World Maritime Day, celebrated by the United Nations on 24 September, UNESCO is organizing a webinar to promote greater awareness on underwater cultural heritage, in collaboration with the National Maritime Foundation, New Delhi, India and the Maritime History Society, Mumbai, India.

The webinar will introduce the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage 2001 to relevant stakeholders and organizations working in this area. Participants will also share international experiences and practices in this field from Croatia, Indonesia, Italy and Spain, as well as discuss the current context of maritime and underwater cultural heritage in India and its future potential.


India, with its rich maritime history and numerous maritime trade links with different parts of the world has enormous potential in terms of underwater cultural heritage. This includes sunken ruins, shipwrecks, submerged artefacts and prehistoric remains which provide valuable material for research and inquiry into our past, and which could be made available to the public in sensitive and engaging ways.


In 2001, UNESCO adopted the Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage to support nations to identify, research and protect their underwater cultural heritage as well as to promote international cooperation in this regard. The Convention’s practical guidelines called “Rules concerning activities directed at underwater cultural heritage” and its Register of best practices are important references for responsible practices in the protection and management of underwater cultural heritage.


Audience link - Zoom (Passcode 1234). 


The event will also be streamed live on UNESCO New Delhi Facebook page. 




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