» MOWCAP Bureau Enters a New Decade in Historic Hanoi
12.04.2011 -

MOWCAP Bureau Enters a New Decade in Historic Hanoi

Social media, utilizing the internet and engaging younger generations in the Memory of the World programme were very current topics brought to the agenda by the MOWCAP Bureau (UNESCO Memory of the World Committee for Asia Pacific), at its annual meeting hosted in Hanoi, Vietnam from 3 to 5 March.

The Vietnam National Commission for UNESCO, Ministry for Foreign Affairs generously hosted the meeting. The programme included a visit to the Temple of Literature, home to Vietnam's first University and an inspiring location for the Bureau's agenda of reflection and forward thinking. In 2010, the Temple of Literature became the first repository in Vietnam to receive an inscription on the Regional Memory of the World Register for the impressive stone stele records of the Royal examinations of the Le and Mac dynasties, 1442-1779.


The Bureau meeting began with an annual review of MOW activities across the Asia Pacific region. The recent creation of National MOW Committees in New Zealand, Vanuatu and Vietnam were welcomed, as was news of recent interest in the MOW programme from Brunei Darussalam.


Advancing the MOWCAP programme to meet current and future challenges formed the core of the meeting's agenda. A key topic of discussion was MOWCAP's mandate to develop a stance on an MOW Convention, ahead of the International MOW Conference in May 2011. The Convention was included in MOWCAP's Business Plan, together with partnerships between UNESCO's MOW, World Heritage and Tangible Heritage programmes, a publication plan for 'Memory' the coffee table book, an upgrade to the MOWCAP website and the development of a social network platform to engage the future members and leaders of MOWCAP.


The MOWCAP Bureau manages the work of the Asia Pacific Committee between the biennial general meetings of MOWCAP. It most recently met in Macau in March 2010, and will next convene in Bangkok in March 2012.


The extended Bureau comprises Chair, Ray Edmondson; Vice-chairs, Carmen Padilla, Li Minghua, Setareki Tale; Secretary-General, Helen Swinnerton; UNESCO Regional Advisor for Communication and Information, Dr Susanne Ornager; Subcommittee chairs, Dr Rujaya Abhakorn and Dr Richard Engelhardt, Special advisers, Sarah Choy, Simon Chu, Akira Genba and Jinsung Jeon.

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