» New Technologies in Education: Mirage or Miracle?
14.10.2003 -

New Technologies in Education: Mirage or Miracle?

"Whilst expecting any single technology magically to transform education is a chimera, we should not despair of the general potential of technology to improve education" says John Daniel, UNESCO's Assistant Director-General for Education in the Editorial of the October issues of UNESCO's education newsletter Education Today.

Under the title "New Technologies: Mirage Or Miracle?" Education Todayfocuses its central dossier on the questions whether ICTs have fulfilled their promise of better and cheaper education for more students.


The issue futures articles on "Computers in schools: 10 points to avoid past errors", discusses the question "New Technologies: Mirage or Miracle?", looks at the pioneering role of radio and TV in distance education and stresses the key role of teacher training.

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