» 20th session of the IHP Intergovernmental Council
26.04.2012 - Natural Sciences Sector

20th session of the IHP Intergovernmental Council

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The Intergovernmental Council of the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) of UNESCO will hold its 20th session from 4 to 7 June 2012 at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris.

During this session, the Council will principally examine the relevant outcomes of the 36th session of UNESCO’s General Conference, including the Organization’s Programme and Budget for 2012-2013 (36 C/5), particularly as these relate to the implementation of the Seventh Phase of IHP (IHP-VII, 2008-2013).

The Council will also look into recent institutional developments in IHP, review progress on the implementation of the resolutions and other decisions adopted by the 19th session of the IHP Council (Paris, July 2010), examine the status of UNESCO’s water-related category 1 institute and category 2 centres under its auspices, and report on the formulation of the Eighth Phase of IHP (IHP-VIII, 2014 – 2021), including the endorsement of its Strategic Plan.

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