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26.08.2014 - Education Sector

2nd UNESCO Forum on Global Citizenship Education , 28-30 January 2015 - Preparing for post-2015: Building peaceful and sustainable societies

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SAVE THE DATE. UNESCO will be holding its 2nd international Forum on Global Citizenship Education at its Headquarters, Paris (France), 28-30 January 2015.

Global Citizenship Education (GCE) is receiving increased attention, signaling a shift in expectations of the role and purpose of education in the twenty first century. As discussions around the post-2015 development agenda are ongoing, the international education community is calling for an education that promotes not only cognitive skills but also those values, attitudes and skills that are necessary for forging a more peaceful, inclusive and sustainable world.  With these skills, citizens of today and tomorrow are better equipped to address global contemporary challenges – in all their political, social, cultural, economic and environmental dimensions. 

Building on the outcomes of the First Forum (Bangkok, December 2013) which sought to clarify the conceptual issues around GCE, the Second Forum will focus on future policy directions at the global level, country implementation and expanding partnerships. It will consider current trends and future needs in the area of GCE and will seek to identify policy priorities and strategies for the operationalization of GCE as well as provide inputs to the Framework for Action on Education post-2015. 

This 2nd Forum will take into consideration the inputs from the UNESCO regional consultations on EFA and provide further insights into the ongoing debates on post-2015 and the World Education Forum (WEF) scheduled for May 2015. 

Participation in the Forum will be on invitation only

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