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± 5 m : Man’s future, the sea

© Joe Bunni Cover, Plus or Minus 5 meters by Joe Bunni

With close to 700 exceptional photographs taken at extreme conditions at times, Joe Bunni shows the spectacular colours of animal and plant wonders located within 5 metres of the sea level –above or below. Many of the species shown here are rare and under threat; this book is not only the result of photographic feats but a moving tribute to raise awareness of ecological causes.

Joe Bunni called on 14 writers from all over the world, each of whom wrote a chapter for the book. These poetic, literary and environmentally committed contributions structure the book, each translated in 14 languages*; a child’s drawing graces each chapter.

The publication opens with a preface by Prince Albert of Monaco; it is under the patronage of UNESCO and counts with support from the French Ministry of the Environment, Sustainable Development, Transportation and Housing. Mr Bunni received the prestigious BBC Veolia prize in the category 'Wildlife photographer of the year 2011' for the cover of his book.

It will be available online for free consultation on 5-15 November, following the G20 Summit and during the UNESCO General Conference. The link to the publication will be accessible on the UNESCO and Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (UNESCO-IOC) website. It was published by SOS Océans.

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*Arabic, Chinese, Corean, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japonese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish


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