» Africa Code Week 2016 to be launched with UNESCO’s YouthMobile
12.10.2016 - Communication & Information Sector

Africa Code Week 2016 to be launched with UNESCO’s YouthMobile


As the economic growth is nowadays largely driven by information and communication technologies (ICTs), the understanding and mastering of ICTs is becoming an essential skill for 21st century workforce.

While the working population in Africa will soar up to 1 billion over the next 25 years, regional companies are struggling to hire sufficient qualified IT talents. The so-called “coding literacy” becomes then a crucial way to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

In order to address this challenge, the Africa Code Week was launched in 2015 by SAP, the Cape Town Science Centre and the Galway Education Centre.

This year, with the participation of UNESCO’s YouthMobile Initiative, the nine-day event will host live workshops as well as online courses in 30 African countries, ranging from Scratch coding to Web programming.  As the largest digital initiative organized on African continent, Africa Code Week received a C4F (Communication for Future) award in the category ‘Education of the Future’ from the World Communications Forum in Davos on 8 March 2016.

Africa Code Week will be officially launched on 15 October in Kigali, Rwanda.

Since 2014, UNESCO through its YouthMobile Initiative has been dedicating to raise the digital literacy worldwide. The global objective of the Initiative is to empower young people to develop, distribute or sell mobile Apps for sustainable development.

Last year, 89,000 youth (8-24 years old) from 17 countries participated in coding workshops during the Africa Code Week.  The upcoming week is expected to reach 150,000 youth.

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