» Albania launches SDG4-Education 2030 and the Education Policy Review
02.06.2017 - Education Sector

Albania launches SDG4-Education 2030 and the Education Policy Review


A special event to highlight SDG4-Education 2030 and launch the Albania Education Policy Review was held in Tirana, Albania.

The event, jointly organized by the Ministry of Education and Sport and the Institute for Educational Development of Albania in cooperation with UNESCO and UNICEF, was attended by Deputy Prime Minister, H.E. Niko Peleshi, the Minister of Education and Sport, Hon. Lindita Nikolla and Mr Qian Tang, UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Education along with other education stakeholders.

As well as promoting awareness of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and SDG4-Education 2030, which aims to `ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all`, the Education Policy Review was jointly presented by UNESCO and the Institute for Educational Development.

The review analyses three key policy domains: curriculum development and reform; ICTs in education; and teacher and school leadership policies along with issues in each domain and makes actionable recommendations, together with indicative priorities.

Fostering a shared long term-vision

These recommendations include further professional development of teachers in order to implement curriculum reform in areas such as student assessment, meeting the needs of disadvantaged learners, and ICTs for educational purposes. Measures to raise the status of the teaching profession and to attract high quality applicants are also suggested. The report backs increased internet connectivity, especially in rural areas, and better online safety for children.

UNESCO's Assistant Director-General for Education, Qian Tang, commended Albania for: "… fostering a shared, long-term vision for quality education and lifelong learning in Albania that leaves no one behind. The Education Policy Review is intended to support Albania through an evidence-based and analytical approach to education sector development that refers to international experience. Governments have the primary responsibility to deliver on SDG 4. UNESCO, in its role of leading and coordinating the Education 2030 agenda, is committed to supporting them".

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