» Andrés Roemer, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, moderated the debate on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence
30.01.2019 - Honorary and Goodwill Ambassadors

Andrés Roemer, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, moderated the debate on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence


The famous Mexican writer, Andrés Roemer, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Societal Change and the Free Flow of Knowledge, moderated a new debate on the ethics of artificial intelligence, at UNESCO Headquarters, on 22 January 2019.

Andrés Roemer was joined by a panel of experts in the fields of science, engineering and management, to debate on "Tech Futures: Hope or Fear?" The moderator invited the six speakers to present their opposing views on the issue of high-tech futures for humanity.

The three speakers who adopted an optimistic point of view were: Constanza Gómez-Mont (Mexico), founder and CEO of the think-and-do-tank C Minds, Bunmi Banjo (Ghana), business leader, Priscila Chaves Martinez (Costa Rica), co-founder and executive director of 10X. All three defended that artificial intelligence has a positive transformative capacity for our society. It already frees humans from the most basic tasks in order that they can focus on more important activities.

Three other speakers presented their pessimistic view: Luisa Munaretto (Italy), founder of the Venture Capital firm “Tech-IA Impact Invest”, Floyd Romesberg (USA) biotechnologist, and Moran Cerf (Canada), Professor of Neuroscience and Business at the Kellogg School of Management. According to them, the risks of artificial intelligence development are the scarcity of work which will be performed by machines; and the loss of autonomy for the individual, particularly for his freedom and his security.

Faithful to his philosophical method developed at the "City of Ideas", Andrés Roemer proposed a dialogue between speakers, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking: Do you think that jobs will disappear with artificial intelligence? Will they not be transformed and request new skills and creativity? Similarly, is artificial intelligence threatening the autonomy of the individual and his freedom if the latter keeps a watchful eye on intrusions of new technologies into his private life?

Andrés Roemer continues here his mission as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador committed since 2017 to promoting free and pluralistic societies as a contribution to peace and human rights.


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