» Art and Science of Chemistry: exhibition, film, concert
18.12.2010 -

Art and Science of Chemistry: exhibition, film, concert

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The exhibition Chemistry: our life, our future will showcase the work of over 20 institutions and enterprises in the field of chemistry.

27 and 28 January 2011,
UNESCO Headquarters, Paris

The NASA Video Wall will demonstrate how we use remote sensing to measure and examine the chemical components in our atmosphere, to understand climate, ocean acidification and salinity, the Icelandic volcano eruption, and the recent European snowstorms.

Tribute will be paid to the winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry through an exhibition of the photographic portraits by the German photographer, Peter Badge of 10 laureates selected to illustrate their diversity. These10 photographic portraits are part of the exhibition Nobel de Chimie, at the Musée des arts et métiers, Paris (25 January to 27 March 2011).

A short film Chemistry: all about you, for young audiences will illustrate the important role of chemistry in daily life. In partnership with EPCA and IUPAC.

A concert Chemical Notes, will feature music by composers and musicians, such as Elgar, Borodin, Bernstein and Ferrat whose lives were marked by chemistry.

Performed by Bernadette Burgos, Delphine Cadet, Vincent Daguet, and Stéphane Norgrette.

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