08.12.2016 - Education Sector

New UIS website brings education data to life


The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) has launched a new website, offering compelling, innovative ways to find – and use – the best available statistical information to support UNESCO themes, including education and learning.

Rather than send users into a complex database, the website presents the most useful information now available in a more accessible form.

The biggest innovation has been to ‘unpack’ the UIS database, breaking down the once separate siloes of hard data, analysis (reports) and the story-telling provided by data visualizations and other tools. The new site offers a seamless way to explore and use UIS data.

The UIS is also working with countries and statistical partners to coordinate a new generation of internationally-comparable indicators to monitor the Education 2030 Agenda.  In a new section entitled Sustainable Development Goal 4 , users have direct access to data by target, and information about a range of UIS-led initiatives.

Indicator pages 

Technical audiences and expert researchers can still access the UIS database, which will remain intact (data.uis.unesco.org). But the new site features ‘indicator pages’, where people can gather all the materials they need for a multitude of uses. These pages let readers play with and explore a whole range of topics. For example, the reader can ‘slice’ data on rates of children out of school by gender or level of education. They can then create a visual version of their results by building charts or tables that can be stored (with a new ‘pinboard’ option) and shared easily.

With each chart updated automatically, readers can be confident that they have the latest available information.  The indicator pages are currently presented in English and Spanish (French is forthcoming).

Topic pages

For more general audiences, there are topic pages covering a range of issues - from SDG 4 and learning outcomes  to women in science and cultural employment. They provide background as well as related indicators and products, such as reports and fact sheets.

Data by country

The new site also features country profiles of key data broken down by region and income level. They are designed for general audiences are often searching for national facts and figures.

The French version of the new website will go live in March 2017. In the meantime, users can still access the site for the latest data, publications and information in French.

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