» Deeyah Khan, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, won a second Emmy award
18.10.2018 - Honorary and Goodwill Ambassadors

Deeyah Khan, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, won a second Emmy award


On 1st October 2018, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, filmmaker and music producer Deeyah Khan won the prestigious Emmy awards for best documentary on current affairs for her latest film White Right: Meeting the Enemy.

The documentary gives the floor to neo-Nazis and far-right nationalists, and depicts the bloody rally of Charlottesville. This film is a real act of bravery for Deeyah Khan, a Muslim women of Afghan and Pakistani origins. 

Expressing her sincere thanks at the Emmy Award ceremony, Deeyah Kahn informed the audience that after her film, two young neo-Nazis left the right-wing supremacist movement. "Change is possible and I know hope is difficult to hold on to, but hope in this time is an act of defense and of resistance. I refuse to deshumanize people who deshumanize me. Otherwise there is no difference between them and us” she said.

As in one of her previous films Jihad, Deeyah Khan strives to put on stage her enemies to give them back their humanity. In Jihad, Western youths recall that they abandoned their comfortable lives to join the ranks of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ruining their lives for violence.

As a Goodwill Ambassador for artistic freedom and creativity, and in line with her commitment to UNESCO, Deeyah Khan uses her films to promote mutual respect so essential for living together peacefully.


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