» DFID renews its support to UNESCO in the field of groundwater resources management in Ethiopia
01.02.2013 - Partners & Donors

DFID renews its support to UNESCO in the field of groundwater resources management in Ethiopia

@UNESCO/Alain Gachet

UNESCO, in its efforts to support the development of the Somali Regional State in eastern Ethiopia, recently implemented an initiative to collect, digitize and make available existing data and information on groundwater resources that can support future exploration of the valuable resource. This was made possible thanks to the generous support of the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) in 2012.

Furthermore, new data were acquired utilizing an innovative method that combines radar and optic satellite images to knowledge from classic geophysics, precipitation, basin configuration etc., with financing from the Government of Flanders, Belgium which has further enriched the existing information.

During the elaboration of the two projects the focus was on the data collection, tools development and information generation and not so much on their utilization in order to deliver sustainable water supply to the people residing in the region. There is a need thus to capacitate local experts to be able to provide services to the Ethiopian population.

In January 2013, DFID renewed its support to UNESCO with an additional contribution of approximately US$ 160,000 for strengthening capacity to address the sustainability aspects of the water schemes to be constructed and existing boreholes, particularly those in the project area. Training of trainers will be conducted with a view on creating a critical mass of trainers that could further train other experts at local level. The final objective of the project is to enable the sustainable use of the newly found resources.

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