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12.06.2017 - Honorary and Goodwill Ambassadors

Doctor Hayat Sindi moderated a session of the Science Technology Innovative Forum at the United Nations Headquarters

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Doctor Hayat Sindi, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, moderated a session of the Science Technology and Innovation (STI) Forum, which took place at United Nations Headquarters in New York on 15-16 May 2017.

In addition to tackle several cross-cutting issues, the STI Forum aimed at finding solutions to implement SDGs 1, 2, 3, 5, 9,

and 14 by featuring a series of 90-second innovation pitches for the sharing of innovations. Thus, innovators from around the world were invited to submit their scientific and technological solutions to the challenges posed by these SDGs.

During this STI Forum, Doctor Hayat Sindi was the moderator of the “Session 2 e)” which dealt with key priorities for engaging STI for conserving and sustainably using the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development (Goal 14). To introduce this discussion, she exemplified the importance of technology in finding solutions for storing carbon, improving fishing practices, and pollution cleanup, and transitioning small islands to a blue economy.

Doctor Hayat Sindi also participated in the discussion during the session about solutions for achieving gender equality and empower all women and girls: she pointed the need to find ways to get women to study science. To justify her words, she took the example of airbags conception: when men designed these safety devices, they were designed for a man as a driver, but when a woman joined the team, she saw the need for side airbags.

For more information, please visit the  STI Forum 2017 website.

Doctor Hayat Sindi has been UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador since 2012 with the mission of promoting the creation of an eco-system of entrepreneurship and social innovation for scientists, technologists and engineers in the Middle East and beyond.

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