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Education for Iraqis on TV

© UNESCOUNESCO brings education to Iraqis via television

Iraqi Educational TV broadcast for the first time this week on Nile-Sat, a regional satellite service. UNESCO’s Iraq office has played a pivotal role in the creation of Iraqi Educational TV by designing quality distance learning tools and developing The School Curricula Website. The website consists of digitalized textbooks, educational TV lessons and interactive web-based lessons.

The new television channel will broadcast 24 hours per day. Teachers and pupils can follow the school curriculum through distance learning tools. With messages promoting values such as peace and tolerance included in the programming, it also contributes to the peace-building and reconciliation process in the country.  

While both projects are designed to serve Iraqi students primarily, they could also be used in other countries to serve students unable to attend school, Internally Displaced Peoples, refugees, home-based lessons for women, and people with special needs. All types of education are offered from conventional subjects, accelerated programmes, Technical and Vocational Education and Training to basic literacy programmes.  

The two distance learning projects were officially inaugurated this week by. Mohammad Ali Tamim, the Iraqi Minister of Education in Iraq. UNESCO has partnered with the Ministry of Education in implementing the projects, which received USD 5.6 million from the European Union.

21st Century Tools for Iraqi School Children

Iraqi Curricula project (In Arabic)

Launch of the Iraqi Educational TV pilot project


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