» Final evaluation of the project for the reactivation of cultural facilities
12.10.2012 - UNESCO Havana/Portal of Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean

Final evaluation of the project for the reactivation of cultural facilities

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Thanks to the financial support of the Kingdom of Norway, the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Cuba (MINCULT), through its International Cuban Culture Cooperation Coordinating Centre, in conjunction with the UNESCO Office in Havana, has since 2009 implemented the project Reactivation of cultural facilities in Cuba that were hurricane-stricken in 2008.

On Thursday, October 4, representatives of the participating institutions met at the UNESCO Office in Havana for the purpose of conducting a final joint evaluation of the project, to advance the lessons learned, accomplishments and difficulties identified during its implementation for future projects.

His Excellency John Petter Opdahl, Ambassador of Norway to Cuba; Luis Felipe Vazquez, Advisor to the Minister of Culture; and Herman van Hooff, Director of the UNESCO Regional Office for Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean agreed that the impact of the project on the reactivation of the cultural and recreational life of the beneficiary population throughout the island had been highly positive.

The meeting provided an excellent framework to identify problems and complexities related to administrative, coordination and implementation mechanisms, in keeping with the timeframes allotted, to be resolved in future projects, and recognize success stories. The latter has to do with highlighting the need to prioritize culture as a key element for development, including emergency situations, the importance of follow-up and field missions that boosted the project and the sense of belonging by the counterparts for its implementation.

At the end of the meeting, MINCULT and UNESCO expressed their gratitude to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway for its contribution and involvement in the project and for the impact generated by it on the cultural life of the Cuban population.

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