» Exhibition on the Power of Sport Values in Saint-Denis
02.09.2016 - Social and Human Sciences Sector

Exhibition on the Power of Sport Values in Saint-Denis

The City of Saint-Denis, in France, will host the UNESCO exhibition on the Power of Sport Values at the Stade de France, on 3 September 2016, during its Forum of the Sports Associations.

UNESCO, in the framework of an Education Partnership involving major sports stakeholders (the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education, the International Fair Play Committee, the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee and the World Anti-Doping Agency) invites you on a journey to highlight the transformative power of sport all over the world.

Sport is a valuable tool for overcoming stereotypes, rising above exclusion and fostering citizenship. Sport values such as equality, inclusion, respect, and fairness can empower learners to become responsible, committed, and active in society.

Selected from hundreds of inspiring entries from more than 70 countries, these photos illustrate the power of sport in action, capturing flashes of joy, camaraderie, and solidarity.

Saint-Denis, one of the youngest French cities, wishes to defend and to promote this values towards its youth, for which sport, physical education and physical activities have an essential role in the collective and personal fulfillment.

The Association CONGO ACTION (member of the French Federation for UNESCO) which works for the education and the formation of young people will provide support to this event by organizing visits for school groups and visitors.
The exhibition will continue from 5 to 16 September at the Administrative Centre of Saint-Denis (2, Place du Caquet) and will be open according to the usual hours.

Nicolas Keraudren, n.keraudren(at)unesco.org

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