» Fight against racism and discrimination: toolkit for municipalities in Canada
19.03.2012 - Social and Human Sciences Sector

Fight against racism and discrimination: toolkit for municipalities in Canada


The Canadian Commission for UNESCO has recently published a toolkit for municipalities and their partners which provides practical information to support their work in strengthening their local initiatives and policies against racism and discrimination. The main objective of this easy-to-use resource is simple: to help municipalities join the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination (CCMARD), develop a Plan of Action, and link to the Coalition’s Ten Common Commitments.

The Toolkit provides practical information on how to join the Coalition, develop and implement a Plan of Action, monitor local community’s progress, engage youth, collaborate with Aboriginal communities, and much more.

It also provides examples of Good Practices documenting promising municipal initiatives linked to the Ten Common Commitments and offering practical advice to advance the Coalition. Finally, it details useful tools such as examples of press release and media advisory, examples of resolutions adopted by City Councils, samples of Plans of Action, and many other tools.

The kit was developed with the support of the Racism-Free Workplace Strategy of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) and in partnership with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF), the Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies (CASHRA) and the National Film Board of Canada (NFB).

CCMARD is one of the six coalitions that compose the International Coalition of Cities against Racism, an initiative launched by UNESCO in 2004 to involve interested cities in a common struggle against racism. Joining the Coalition helps cities on the one hand to share their experiences and lessons learned, and, on the other, to improve and strengthen municipal policies to counter all forms of discrimination to achieve greater social inclusion.

As of 29 February 2012, 52 municipalities in nine provinces have joined CCMARD. 

The Toolkit is available at www.ccmard-ccmcrd.ca

Download the complete toolkit [PDF, 6 MB]

For more information, please contact:
Ms Cynthia Lacasse
Canadian Commission for UNESCO
E-mail: cynthia.lacasse(at)unesco.ca

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