» Forest Whitaker: "This is the new hope of humanity"
23.12.2011 - UNESCOPRESS

Forest Whitaker: "This is the new hope of humanity"

© UNESCO/Ania FreindorfForest Whitaker at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 21 June 2011

“The people around the world are speaking out for a new humanism. They are crying out from the Arab Spring and connecting through the Occupied voice of Wallstreet to state the whispered murmurs of their hearts. 

They ask that everyone be included in the abundance that the world has to offer. Through their actions they are acknowledging that they are one. This is the new hope of humanity. Oneness. That what affects you affects me. That we have moved into an age that the ancient sages and mystics spoke of in their collective voices from all traditions. That knowledge will be shared and that in a moment we can know what is occurring across the world. And from that we will recognize that we are together in our quest and our hopes and that together we can achieve the great work of mankind. To be whole and complete. Each of us sharing the inalienable rights of man. To live life in its goodness and fullness.

In 2012, the voice will continue to be sounded that all man and woman deserve to have shelter, food, water and the ability to live his or her life with joy and harmony... From each of your hopes the seed is planted for a great tomorrow. Hope deeply. Live strongly. Recognize that we are one... Oneness Rules the day...”


Forest Whitaker

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador For Peace and Reconciliation

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