09.01.2013 - Education Sector

Four years to train 10,000 school leaders

UN Photo/John Isaac - A Bengali teacher instructs a class at a school in a rural village south of Dacca.

“All evidence shows that supporting the professional development of school principals and leaders is a key to success in any reform aimed at improving the quality of education and transforming the school culture,” says UNESCO’s Director General. At UNESCO, on January 14 and 15, 2013, twenty experts from ten countries will discuss how to facilitate the professional development of 10,000 principals over the next four years, within the framework of the “10,000 Principals Leadership Programme” which is carried out by UNESCO in partnership with the Varkey GEMS Foundation.

Identifying, attracting, retaining, and supporting talent into the teaching profession has long been part of improving the quality of education.  The aim of the “10,000 Principals Leadership Programme” is to teach school leaders to do just that: identify, attract, retain and support talented teachers.   

Training principals helps to tackle three main challenges for the teaching profession: insufficient quality initial teacher training; ad hoc in-service training rather than constant professional development; and outdated or decontextualized training materials. 

The Programme will concentrate its initial four year phase on Ghana, India and Kenya.  These three countries have clearly identified the need for improved school leadership as a means to enhancing the quality of education.

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