» Fresh updates available on UNESCO’s Global Database on the Right to Education
21.04.2017 - Education Sector

Fresh updates available on UNESCO’s Global Database on the Right to Education

The Global Database on the Right to Education is a rich resource and powerful tool offering 195 country profiles and an online library of over 1,200 documents to learn more about the status of implementation of the right to education around the world.

Although education is a well-established and universally recognized human right under international law, it remains out of reach to many. Globally millions of children are out-of-school and millions of adults are deprived of learning opportunities. Despite advances in improving access to education through the adoption of strong national legal and policy frameworks, there is still much work to be done.  

In this context, the Global Database on the Right to Education exists as a powerful tool for monitoring, research and advocacy. The Database hosts examples of measures taken by all UNESCO Member States to implement legal and policy frameworks to ensure the right to education. Besides individual profiles for each country, the Database hosts a library of over 1,200 official documents, including constitutions, legislations and policies on education from nations across the globe.

This online platform, which is enriched continuously, aims to inform key players on the legal status of education worldwide and foster regional and international cooperation.

In the context of the Education 2030 Agenda, the sharing of information on the database can also help improve the quality of education. UNESCO’s Member States are strongly encouraged to inform the UNESCO’s Right to Education Programme of any recent information so as to further update their country profile and to offer access to the latest national laws and policies.

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