» Hayat Sindi, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, participates in a panel on Sciences, Technology and Innovation (STI)
14.09.2018 - Honorary and Goodwill Ambassadors

Hayat Sindi, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, participates in a panel on Sciences, Technology and Innovation (STI)


Prominent Saudi scientist, Hayat Sindi participated to an international panel discussion on Wednesday 12 September entitled “Mobilising sciences, technology and innovation (STI) for sustainable development and gender equality”. This event took place during the first UNESCO partner’s forum which lasted two days at UNESCO headquarters. The purpose of this forum was to increase knowledge between donors and partners about voluntary contributions to UNESCO.

During the round-table chaired by Flavia Schlegel (Assistant Director General for Natural Sciences) attended by Hayat Sindi, the challenges of sustainable development and gender equality were debated by experts from different fields of sciences and politics. The panelists discussed the STI policies that reduce gender inequalities, as well as investments in STI to facilitate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Goodwill Ambassador Hayat Sindi also seized the opportunity to highlight the work done by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), UNESCO partner, that she advices in the field of STI.

According to her, the funding of scientific project is a first step to reach the SDG since it is a way to fight poverty. Ms Sindi also recalled the major role held by women today and the growing necessity to educate them in sciences and technology. She additionally praised the help she got from the UNESCO in developing their projects and recognized the capacity of our organization to be a platform of exchange and of networking. The IDB now operates in 57 countries through diverse projects aiming at fostering the development of STI, in partnership with States, NGOs or other public or private actors.

Hayat Sindi has been appointed UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 2012 in recognition of her work on medical diagnostics in developing countries but mainly for her initiative, the i2 Institute for Innovation and Ingenuity aiming at encouraging entrepreneurship in the field of STI. She is also a scientific advisor to the Saudi government as well as the United Nations

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