» HIV Clearinghouse re-launched to include health education
21.07.2014 - Education Sector

HIV Clearinghouse re-launched to include health education

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UNESCO’s HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse will be re-launched today with a fresh look and wider coverage of health education issues.

The online Clearinghouse, hosted and managed by UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP), provides a one-stop shop for access to research, teaching and learning materials, as well as policy and strategy documents related to HIV and health education. The site’s online library houses over 8,000 resources supporting the development and implementation of effective HIV and health education policies and programmes, at the global, national and local levels.

The Clearinghouse expansion into health education is in response to changes in the education sector and member state requests to provide guidance on health promotion. The Clearinghouse will provide those interested, such as ministry officials, researchers and other development partners with the latest resources to help support the development of comprehensive and effective HIV and health education policies, programmes and advocacy within the education sector.

The revamped website will provide information on broader school health related issues, including sexuality education, gender-based violence within the school setting, adolescent health education and substance abuse among other topics.

Addressing these issues promotes the healthy development of young girls and boys, provides them with a safe and secure learning environment and can help improve their learning outcomes.

UNESCO established a clearinghouse at IIEP and at the International Bureau of Education in 2002, focusing on different aspects of the HIV response. These were merged in 2008 to form a comprehensive global Clearinghouse hosted by IIEP, which included regional information and support from UNESCO Offices in Bangkok, Dakar, Harare, Nairobi and Santiago. The new HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse builds on previous efforts to provide UNESCO’s partners with a comprehensive HIV and health education online knowledge base.

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