» ICCAR showcased in the World Economic Forum’s newly launched report “Migration and Its Impact on Cities”
26.10.2017 - Social and Human Sciences Sector

ICCAR showcased in the World Economic Forum’s newly launched report “Migration and Its Impact on Cities”

The World Economic Forum has released its new report on Migration and Its Impact on Cities covering the different types and causes of migration, with a particular focus on its impact on cities around the world and how they can be better prepared.

The report includes 22 case studies from the most affected cities in each region of the world. These look at the solutions implemented or initiated to meet the needs of the migrant population, particularly in the delivery of vital urban infrastructure and services – housing, education, health, employment, integration and social cohesion, and safety and security. It explores the role of the migrant community, government, the private sector, international organizations and wider civil society in addressing the issue of migration in cities, and includes a call for action for city leaders to better prepare themselves for migration.

In the report, UNESCO’s International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities – ICCAR was featured as an example of a global platform that advocates to enable various stakeholders become part of design and decision-making processes of policies and actions for managing migration. It mentions the Bologna Declaration, adopted by ICCAR’s Global Steering Committee, which highlighted that “acknowledging the potential contribution of migration in economic, social and cultural life promotes peaceful, just and inclusive societies”.

One of the case studies in the report is the City of Ottawa, member of the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities against Racism and Discrimination (CCMARD), the Canadian branch of ICCAR.

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