» International Literacy Day 2012 UNESCO mobilizes governments to tackle illiteracy
04.09.2012 - UNESCOPRESS

International Literacy Day 2012 UNESCO mobilizes governments to tackle illiteracy

This year marks the end of the United Nations Literacy Decade, proclaimed in 2002 to galvanize government action worldwide against illiteracy. Over the decade, and despite considerable effort and some major achievements, 775 million people are still considered non-literate, of whom 85 percent live in 41 countries. These figures fall far short of Education For All (EFA) goals established in 2000 for a 50 percent improvement in literacy levels worldwide by 2015.

On 6 and 7 September, as part of the celebrations for International Literacy Day (8 September), UNESCO will bring together representatives from these  41 countries, including 16 ministers and vice-ministers of education, to examine the lessons learned over the decade and identify ways of accelerating progress to meet the 2015 deadline. They’ll be joined by participants from other UN agencies, literacy experts, civil society stakeholders and participants from the private sector.

This High-Level International Round Table will also endorse and launch national action plans for reaching the 2015 target, as set out in the Dakar Framework of Action.

Other events taking place at UNESCO Headquarters for the Day include:

·         the award ceremony for the 2012 UNESCO Literacy prizes (4 pm, Room X).

·         the nomination of A'salfo, the leader singer and songwriter of Magic System  as a Goodwill Ambassador for the Organization,  to contribute to UNESCO’s efforts to fight against exclusion, discrimination and injustice (7 pm, Room 1).



More information on International Literacy Day 2012, including complete programme, background information, facts and figures and ways  to participate,  here


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