» Jean-Michel Jarre will perform a concert to help “save the Dead sea”
14.03.2017 - Honorary and Goodwill Ambassadors

Jean-Michel Jarre will perform a concert to help “save the Dead sea”

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Jean-Michel Jarre, a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, will perform a concert in Israel on 6 April next, on an ancient site overhanging the Dead sea, in order to “raise world awareness” on the current danger for this lake which is threatened by drying.

Jean-Michel Jarre explains that this project of a concert, developed more than a year and a half ago, aims to “be festive but also to contribute to an important cause”. “What is important for me is that everyone understands that the Dead sea issue doesn’t concern only local inhabitants but the whole of humanity”, the artist adds.

The show will take place in the uplands of the Masada archaeological site, which overhangs the Dead sea. The citadel was registered on the UNESCO world heritage list in 2002. “Building this fortress was cutting-edge and this concert will be too”, the musician claims.

“We will use French and Israeli modern technology to make this show something special,” Mr Jarre adds. He will perform with Israeli musicians from the local electronic scene. The concert will be transmitted live and visible within a 360-degree field through an Israeli application during the eight-hour performance.

Finally, Jean-Michel Jarre considers that it is a “universal project under the auspices of UNESCO”, for which Irina Bokova, Director-General of the Organization, has accepted to grant UNESCO’s patronage. Jean-Michel Jarre has been actually a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador since 1993 with the mission of promoting tolerance and the defense of environment and cultural heritage.


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