» Launch of UNESCO soft skills manual for Juventus soccer schools
06.09.2016 - Social and Human Sciences Sector

Launch of UNESCO soft skills manual for Juventus soccer schools

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Head coaches of five Juventus Academies are trained on 6 September 2016, in Turin, Italy, on a soft skills manual that was specifically elaborated by UNESCO to integrate into the Academies’ training philosophy and methods a tool for fostering the holistic development and social inclusion of participants.

Education, integration and non-discrimination are the guiding principles of the project “Gioca con Me”, yet another concrete result of the strategic partnership between Juventus and UNESCO. The project’s pilot phase foresees its implementation in Lebanon, Tunisia, Guatemala, Peru and Colombia where a total of 60 children between 5 and 7 years old, will have the opportunity to participate-free of charge-in the Juventus Academy activities in the respective countries. The project, which has been active in Torino since 2012, aims at facilitating access to sport for children belonging to disadvantaged social categories thus fostering the role of football in promoting a culture of respect, tolerance and social consciousness.

The project will be further enriched by the introduction of a “Soft Skills Manual”, which has been  developed thanks to the experience of UNESCO and which aims at providing the best possible education both on and off the pitch. The Manual, which refers to the UNESCO International Charter of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport is addressed to Juventus Academy coaches and provides essential guidelines for the development of a holistic education package which promotes social and emotional skills alongside physical literacy as laying foundations of either life-long recreational participation in sport and physical activity or pursuit of a professional career in sport.

"Gioca con Me" is part of Juventus’ sustainability model which fosters and open and innovative approach ensuring a sustainability strategy integrated in the core business.

UNESCO and Juventus are partnering since 2014 to take concrete action against all forms of discrimination and to foster social inclusion of disadvantaged youth.

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