» Magaly Solier was appointed as UNESCO Artist for Peace
28.06.2017 - Honorary and Goodwill Ambassadors

Magaly Solier was appointed as UNESCO Artist for Peace

© UNESCO/Christelle ALIX

The Director-General of UNESCO, Ms Irina Bokova designated the famous Peruvian actress and singer, Magaly Solier as a UNESCO Artist for Peace during an official ceremony, which took place at UNESCO Headquarters on 26 June 2017.

This title was bestowed upon Ms Solier in recognition of her efforts to protect and promote indigenous languages and music throughout her artistic career and for her commitment to the ideals of UNESCO.

“Magaly Solier's career is exceptional not only for her versatility, enhanced by the recognition of her talent as an actress through international awards but also because it represents the determination of an artist to spread and revitalize the language and culture of its people. The story of Magaly Solier is one of hard work, personal effort and extraordinary perseverance”, said the Director-General in the speech delivered on the occasion of this event. She also paid tribute to Magaly Solier for raising her voice in defense of the empowerment of girls and women, and said that the example she set of determination and strength is important for girls and women across the world.

In her capacity as a UNESCO Artist for Peace, Magaly Solier will support UNESCO’s work aiming to promote the International Year of Indigenous Languages to be celebrated in 2019 and the UNESCO World Atlas of Languages.

In her acceptance speech, Ms Magaly Solier expressed her satisfaction with joining UNESCO’s prestigious family of Artists for Peace and recalled the importance to protect indigenous languages. She also renewed her intention to support, through her performances and artistic career, the Quechua language as well as UNESCO’s overall work in the field of the indigenous languages protection.

In his speech, delivered on the occasion of this ceremony, Mr Raul Alberto Hidalgo Gallgos, Minister-Counsellor at the Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Peru to UNESCO, emphasized Ms Magaly Solier’s outstanding artistic career in Peru and beyond, and thanked the Director-General for designating Magaly Solier in this very capacity.

The designation ceremony was followed by a musical performance by Ms Magaly Solier in her native language, Quechua.

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