04.04.2011 -

MedPartnership launches new website

The UNEP/MAP GEF Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean Large Marine Ecosystem (MedPartnership) is a collective effort of leading organizations including UNESCO (regional, international, non-governmental, etc.) and countries sharing the Mediterranean Sea towards the protection of the marine and coastal environment of the Mediterranean. The MedPartnership is led by UNEP/MAP and the World Bank and is financially supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), and other donors, including the EU and all participating countries.

UNESCO-IHP is the leading partner in charge of executing the Sub-Component 1.1 on "Management of Coastal Aquifers and Groundwater".

The MedPartnership works through two lines of actions: technical and policy support led by UNEP/MAP (Regional Project) and project financing led by the World Bank (Investment Fund/Sustainable MED). The Regional Project is being carried out in 13 GEF-eligible countries (Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Montenegro, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and the Palestinian Authority).

The new website is aimed at providing information on the MedPartnership’s activities and achievements as well as on the events taking place not only in the frame of MedPartnership, but also elsewhere when the subject is related to the project’s activities.

MedPartnership website

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